Scrap Yard

Need a quality scrap yard to dispose of your end-of-life car responsibly? Get in contact with Kinsella's Salvage and Recovery today.

Scrap Yard

Kinsella's Salvage & Recovery has provided the best scrap yard for almost three decades. We remain at the forefront of responsible car scrappage. All our vehicles are brought to our yard using our state-of-the-art towing equipment.
Once at our scrap yard, the vehicle begins scrappage in our authorised treatment facility. This includes de-pollution. This removes toxic fluids and materials from the car before the scrappage begins. If this isn’t done, these damaging substances can seep into the surrounding environment and damage plant and animal life.
Our car scrappage is handled with the consumer and the environment in mind.

When you need to get rid of your end-of-life vehicle, please get in touch with our scrap yard today.

Advantages of our Quality Scrap Yard

 Environmentally Conscious
We make sure to scrap cars to the highest environmental standards.

 We Pay You
Our car scrappage service offers competitive market rates for your scrap vehicle.

We only use industry-leading equipment to remove your vehicle from your property safely.

Please get in touch with our offices today to request a no-obligation car scrap quote from our scrap yard.

Scrap Yard FAQ

  • How do I contact your scrap yard?

    Please get in touch with us by phone or by email.

  • What is your scrap yard’s catchment area?

    We are available to clients all over Dublin and the surrounding areas.